Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Rapture - Pre vs Mid vs Post - Does it even matter which is correct?

In short, YES, it matters!

Up front I will say that I believe there may be more than one rapture, based on the various "versions" of how it sounds in the different pertinent parts of the scriptures.  That said, I have to think that there HAS to be a pre-tribulation rapture.


1)  The antichrist can't have millions of people running around exposing what he is doing and still be able to deceive the entire world.  If people were just there to say, "look, right here in The Bible it says...", he would have much less of an effect, I think.  That said, the FAR more important reasons are:

2)  Those who have been forgiven have no place in judgment - they have passed from judgment into life.  To say otherwise is to make His forgiveness null and void.

3)  To have judgment fall on those that are cleansed would make God's judgment unjust - which isn't possible.

The true people of God simply can not be forced to undergo the judgment that is about to come upon the earth - to do so undermines what Christ did and makes God unjust.

The world is spiraling into an ever-increasing descent into chaos.  The time of the end is very near at this point.  Pray for yourself and those around you so you may escape the upcoming wrath.

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