Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ancient Aliens - What is going on?

There are/have been weird goings on in the world - especially as of late.  There were many odd things happening a long time ago as well.  Is it possible these things could be related?  I think so.  Sorry for the vagueness, but I am talking about things from lights in the sky to monolithic structures of old to crazy weather.  As someone who is trying to study all of this, I have used various websites in which to conduct my research - which is the reason for this blog in the first place.  I am visiting sites on all parts of the spectrum: from sites I believe to be inspired by God and have messages from Him in them to sites that I'm very sure are demon-inspired and have their "messages" as well.

One thing I debate with myself all of the time is whether or not I should even be looking at things I believe to be of an occult or demonic source.  At this point in time I feel that it's my job to try to figure it all out, and if I can get the enemy's playbook, and see what they are saying/planning, it puts me one step ahead of the game.  I try to use as much caution as I can, as it is easy to be deceived by their teachings.  I will get more into this in future posts, but I believe by looking at both sides, I can get a very clear picture of what is going on - especially when they agree.

Without going into specific websites quite yet, I think I need to give my viewpoint about the whole alien thing.  To say there are no such things or to ignore the information out there is pretty fool-hearty if you ask me.  This has potential everlasting  consequences - you had better be right.  Before I quite get to that, let's visit The History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series.  Frankly, I think it's impossible to look at all of the evidence an conclude there are no such entities out there.

There is so much evidence in ancient writings, pictures, carvings, cave drawings, etc to write it off as some delusion - especially if you compare them to modern "alien" images.  Please watch the show if you haven't already.  Shockingly, I think the show actually got right to the edge of the right conclusion, but then looked at it the wrong way.  They got to the point of saying what people used to refer to as angels are the same as what we would today call aliens.  I completely agree!  The problem is that they take the view that what people used to think were angels were actually aliens.  They don't even mention or consider the other view, which I believe, that is what people now think are aliens are actually angels - fallen angels, but angels, nonetheless.  Today's "aliens" when compared to yesterday's "angels" are one in the same.  Look at how these aliens are communicated with - it is channeling - just like demons of the occult.  More on this in an upcoming post.

So that's our basis to start the conversation.  Upcoming posts will be about specific websites and what they are trying to get you to believe.  Again, you had better be really sure about what you think because the consequences of being wrong are eternal.  The good news?  Jesus Christ has died for your sins and by his blood you can be cleansed to spend eternity with Him.  Don't follow after or worship demonic spirits.  Even if you don't think that's what they are - you had better be 100% sure before you follow them.  After seeing all of the evidence, I don't see how you can be 100% sure of that.  I pray that those that believe in the alien help/agenda will see the light and turn away from these evil entities before it's too late.  Seek the true light.

My main question to others on this post is, what do you think about looking at information that is coming from a demonic source?  Should we not even go there?  Or are there important things to learn (to help others see the light) and it is worth gaining that knowledge, just be very careful treading down that path?  Like I said, I keep going back and forth myself.


  1. I don't believe Christians need any more about devils than what the Word brings out and that is plenty.

    What I've learned is that our only shield and covering is the Truth and His indwelling and that is a sure fortress. Under His wings.

    Ps 91:4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.


  2. But don't you go to where the people need help to reach them? Isn't that what Jesus did?

    Again, tough call. I'm still wrestling with this. Initially, it was my intention to reach those people that are falling for all this, but as I started and planned what is ahead, there are a lot of things I want to discuss/try to figure out as well that are biblical in nature.

    Hopefully I can get to them soon. The more I think, the more ideas I come up with. That's better than the alternative. :)

  3. Certainly I agree that we should work to pull them from dwelling on the non esential and teach them the Word gives them the knowledge they need to recognize and resist the ememy.

    We know not who will be drawn by a straight testimony as His Spirit is there working also.

    It seems that more all the time are being drawn into what is the unknown and don't realize the danger they fall into investigating those underworld subjects.

    We are sent as His witnesses to be watchmen on the wall.